Dreams Come True

Moving across the threshold from day to night, the sunset spreads all the colors and shades of yellow and red. As I look across the sky the painting is different than yesterday. It always amazes me what life creates in one moment and then the scenery changes in the blink of an eye. Soon night softly falls, wrapping all in its’ dark mantle, carrying you off into slumber land.
In the place of the in between, before sleep and the morning, the threshold beyond time and space, there is an opening, where dreams are born from. Not the imaginations, fictions, wishes, thought elaborations, or emotional high- or nightmares we often call dreams.

But true dreams birthed directly from the source, from our deepest home, our being, the heart of creation. We all have heard many a time: “I have a dream” from M.L. King or “Imagine all the people” from J. Lennon, “Wild geese” from Mary Oliver and countless more.
Those dreams come as messengers for what is possible, as a gift they stay with us in their timelessness. They carry a sense of truth, even if they might seem unrealistic, they have a taste of a greater freedom, they instill a sense of wonder and hope, they ignite us like great music that lifts you, they touch the ground of life and set us on fire to birth them into the world.

They offer us an invitation and with our permission they will come true in life, no question. We never know how and when, yet I have seen and experienced it over and over again, when you are on board and put in your hands and whole heart too- dreams do come true.

There is a dream in each one of us longing to be lived. A dream for the world, a dream for your life, a calling to step into love and let it become a reality.

What is your dream, the one that you have met in stillness, in nature or moments when least expected, the one that always seems to be with you and follows you around, like someone waiting to be seen, heard and welcomed in? What might it be like to go forth and begin to live it, one step at a time, even if the final outcome might be further away then the horizon itself? As St. Francis of Assisi sang, when he rebuilt his chapel by hand in the freezing cold winter:” Stone by stone….build your dreams slowly.. “ Trust, at some point it carries a momentum and becomes unstoppable, like a river flowing as a mighty force and nourishing many.
These dreams are your guides and important messengers from beyond. Treat them honorably, let them show you your way and inspire you to live the life you were born for, offering your unique gift of love into this world.

By Nicola Amadora


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Women Rising ~ A Tidal Wave for Change.

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