The Calling

Do you hear the whisper, the stirring when life is emerging in spring as the first daffodil, when the tiny chirpings of birds tickle you to smile; or the moment, when all is still and suddenly shattering thunder and lightening pierces the sky?

Do you hear the calling from deep inside? In the middle of the night, when you are alone twisting and turning, there is a restlessness that nothing seems to satisfy, no matter how hard you may have tried to tie it down. Or looking out across the ocean over the horizon, a longing, an ache is arising, as if from an ancient knowing wanting to awaken in you.

No matter how much you do, achieve, how busy you keep yourself, or how many dramas we tend to be entangled with- something keeps calling from inside. You know what I am talking of. Sometimes it comes as a whisper, carried from gentle winds landing softly in your ears. Sometimes it comes as a hard knock on your door, where plans fly out the window and you are thrown onto the ground, where there is nothing left to do, but to hear. Open and listen to what is deeper, than the colors of mere appearances.

For some it arrives through an unexpected event, a loss of a loved one, or being released from a job. In the grief there is a letting down of walls and we might be more open to what else is here. Or it stirs through a chance meeting with another person, a journey into new lands brings a dawning, or standing on a mountain top with a vast view were we have space to see what is most worthy of our attention. It can happen anywhere- in the grocery store, when you have forgotten everything on your list, the mind just went blank, when all stops, there is a gap and you have the most important revelation of your life.

The beckoning from the soul, from spirit, your wise heart, a greatness beyond the usual -however you want to name it for yourself- is a calling for you. To remind you as to why you are here on earth, what gift you bring, an invitation for a life, which can only be fulfilled through you. It is guiding you every step along the way home, if you allow and follow its flow.

Pay attention to that and answer it- for it is the most important calling of your life. It only takes a breath into silence to listen to your heart in this very moment…. what treasure might be revealed for you here?

Blessings to you. Nicola Amadora


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